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How to get Back to Travelling after Lockdown?

1. Car over Flight & Trains

The open road spells freedom anytime, but especially during times like these when, little by little, the world is starting to open up again. Unlike air travel, interaction with other folks is lessened. Petrol/Diesel pumps require minimal interaction. Drive through at fast food restaurants and takeout options at roadside diners provide sufficient dining options. However, we do recommend taking water, snacks and longer shelf life food from home too while travelling.

On a road trip, you are literally in the driver’s seat, which means the decision of how far from home you wish to stray is completely yours. Best of all, the traffic in and out of your home city is likely to be minimal, for now.

2. Stay Close to Home

Start small with a day trip to a nearby beach, trail or historic site, if that’s what you’re most comfortable with. No matter which part of the country you live in, we’re willing to bet there are plenty of cool attractions in your region that you either haven’t gotten around to yet, or haven’t even discovered. Check your tourism sites to unearth a few interesting, drive-able destinations that make for great quick getaways.

3. Back to Nature

You’ve been cooped up—perhaps with kids—since March and you are going stir crazy. We don’t blame you. While hanging out in a front or backyard (if you’re fortunate enough to even have one) or walking around the block is nice, we understand craving more.

The great outdoors might just be the answer.

State and local administration is already starting to loosen travel restrictions. India boasts of extensive mountain ranges (Himalayas, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats, and so on), deserts, national parks, and 5422.6 KM of mainland shoreline & 7516.6 KM of total shoreline including many secluded beaches perfect for taking a walk or getting fresh air.

4. Vacation Rental

If you’ve never booked a vacation rental, your next adventure might be the time to try one out! Vacation rentals offer one-of-a-kind accommodations in unique locations, and there is high degree of social distancing. Imagine the serenity of having your very own lakefront cabin, gazing up at the stars from the comfort of an air-stream trailer in the desert or hearing the waves lap up against the shore at an oceanfront cottage. The possibilities are endless!

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