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Fancy an Ambassador Electric Car?

  • Ambassador EV named eAmby is a concept vehicle that has been rendered digitally.

  • It will be produced if DC2 gets enough positive response.

  • Ambassador based super luxury V12-powered concept car named Ambierod was revealed in 2008, but the concept did not materialise and the Ambassador production stopped in 2014.

The iconic Hindustan Ambassador car, once driven by politicians & bureaucrats, is one of the biggest landmark cars in India since its introduction in India in late 1950s. The car has now got a surprising digital makeover from DC2 Design. DC2 Design is one of India's oldest custom car design houses and has recently shared several pictures of the concept car. The concept e Amby is digitally visualised as an electric car and if produced, the car will be powered by an electric motor.

The exterior design of the new concept car maintains some of the iconic style elements of the original car. The front grille, rounded roof, and nose-bulge on bonnet have been maintained to keep the retro look alive. The front horizontal grille has been garnished in chrome in line with modern styling. The rounded headlights have been modified to angular LED lights. The wheels have been given a makeover too, as multi-spoke steel rims have been used. The concept electric Ambassador has only two doors, unlike its four-door original version. The concept car looks modern and luxurious, with hints of Rolls-Royce styling.

Ambassador was first made by Morris Motors Limited at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom from 1956 to 1959. The production of Ambassador cars started in India in 1958 by Hindustan Motors of India, and it was the first-ever car to be manufactured in India. During its 66-year long journey, the iconic car saw very few improvements and changes before its production ended in 2014. Hindustan Motors was sadly unable to modernise the iconic car over the years, and it naturally failed to face the challenge of much more refined international models in post-liberalisation India. With new cars entering the Indian market with better performance, design, and value for money, the Ambassador car did not stand a surviving chance but its production was dragged on for too long even though the sales were abysmal. In 2017, the Peugeot SA Group acquired the Ambassador brand from the CK Birla Group.

The car was widely used by several politicians and bureaucrats. It was once the first choice car among India's VIPs, but is now mostly seen serving as cabs in cities such as Kolkata. Since production ceased, it has been reduced to being taxis in a handful of cities, with even ministers and bureaucrats favoring more posh rides. With better options for taxis, it is only a matter of time before the once known as the ‘King of Indian roads’ disappears completely from roads, to be found only in a few museums.

DC Design attempted to remodel an Ambassador car earlier in 2008 as well. The design company then showcased a V12 engine powered concept car, called the Ambierod. Ambierod, besides modern design elements, had planned the gullwing doors a unique feature. While the concept whipped up a frenzy among fans, the concept did not materialise due to lack of interest to buy and the beloved Ambassador was allowed to die a quiet death in 2014.

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