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Own any new or used car from CarYaan on personal lease or subscription for a period ranging from 3 months to 3 years at zero down payment and a much lower monthly payment than loan EMI.

Insurance & maintenance are all covered in your monthly payment. So, no worries about extra costs of tyres, battery, engine oil, insurance, etc.


In car lease, you own the car for a fixed period and have already sold it at the estimated residual value. So this residual value is discounted, and you pay only on the balance depreciation, that is the full purchase amount minus the residual value. When you buy car on loan, you pay EMI on the full amount, and hence pay a much higher EMI.


So car lease/subscription is cheaper, better for cash flows, and is also hassle-free as insurance, maintenance, spare-part replacement, regular servicing are all included.

Let us know the car that you are looking for, and we will quote you our price and explain it in detail.



Car lease EMIs are estimated to be typically lower by 33% to 66% as compared to loan EMI. 

Yes, seriously!

Contact us for pricing quote of the car you want and compare it yourself.


It's true.

Moreover, there would be an option to make a down payment, and lower your EMI even more.


Car lease payments can be eligible for deduction from your taxable income.

That's just more savings. Yay!


After the lease ends, you can decide to keep your car by paying the residual value and own it, or you may return it, or may upgrade to a new lease.


Yes bumper to bumper zero depreciation comprehensive insurance with add-on benefits such as roadside assistance can be included in the monthly payment for total peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ) about Car Leasing

How to apply for car lease?

Just fill the form with basic details, and we will provide pricing & all other necessary details.

Is it primarily for fleet operators & business use?

Not at all, this is for everyone. Most of our customers are actually self-employed and salaried individuals who lease/subscribe car for personal use.

What are the types of car lease?

To lease essentially means to contract, and broadly speaking, there are three forms of car lease:

1. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): there is a choice of either returning or buying the car when the lease expires. The car is registered in the name of the lessee.

2. Subscription: The car is registered in the name of the lessor. There is no option of purchasing car at the end of lease, but we can accommodate your request. Just let us know.

3. Loan lease: The car must be purchased at the end of tenure.

What are my options when the car lease ends?

The choices are to return the car or buy the car by paying the residual value. Most customers prefer to return their used car and start lease on a new car after the lease/subscription ends.

Is car maintenance covered?

Yes, the car is fully managed & maintained for you.

Do I owe anything at the end of lease?

You don't owe anything unless:

- you want to keep your car after PCP lease ends. If so, you must pay the residual value.

- car has undergone wear & tear that is neither normally expected from fair use nor covered by insurance. If so, there would be repair charges to be paid.

What do I do if I have an accident?

Plus inform us immediately. We will immediately take care of the repairing, and all the costs are covered.

How much can I drive?

You can drive up to 18,000 KMs per year for the duration of your lease/subscription. For instance, during a subscription period of 2 years, you can drive 36,000 KMs without any extra charges. 

More than what's fair & has been agreed upon is chargeable because the estimated value of car returned is based on driving fair. Depending upon the car that you subscribe, the extra driving charges will range from Rs.2/KM to Rs. 4/KM. 

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